All Natural Energy Supplements for Everyone

Ignite Chewable Energy is a Great Choice

Sometimes in our busy lives we reach a point where we are just worn out.  Maybe we missed breakfast and our bodies are craving a burst of energy.  It’s hard to keep up the pace when we feel exhausted.  An energy supplement is an option for these periods when we are so tired, but an all natural energy supplement is better than one chemically contrived to give a quick boost of energy, followed by a crash when the effects wear off.  Many quick boost supplements rely on Caffeine to provide the boost we are looking for.  Here’s a quick look at the substance.

All natural energy supplements for everyone


Ok, it’s true that many supplements use caffeine as the main ingredient to boost our energy. Is that good or bad?  Caffeine acts quickly, and stimulates the central nervous system, which increases alertness.  It helps you feel less tired and more awake.  400 milligrams per day is considered safe for adults, according to the Mayo Clinic.  600 milligrams per day is considered too much.

Examples of energy boosting products containing caffeine are Red Bull, Monster, and 5 Hr Energy.

Is it addictive?  The short answer is yes.  It’s not bad addictive like cocaine, but there is addiction.  There are withdrawal symptoms when you stop using it too.

Symptoms of caffeine withdrawal include drowsiness, irritability, and anxiety.  And don’t forget that caffeine headache.All natural energy supplements for everyone.

Are there any natural energy supplements that do not contain caffeine?

Ignite Chewable Energy is a Great Choice

The short answer is yes.  You might not find an energy drink without caffeine, but there are natural supplements out there that do not contain the substance.  Here are some ingredients that can help boost your energy, and when brought together into one product can give you the pep you need naturally and safely:

B12:  Necessary for the body’s normal synthesis of red blood cells.  Important for the maintenance of a healthy nervous system.  Promotes energy, endurance, and stamina.  I wrote a post about B12.

Niacin:  Increases circulation and blood flow.  This brings the energizing ingredients to your body quicker

Guarana Seed:  Memory, alertness and mood enhancement

Gotu Kola:  Contains whole food vitamins and minerals; B1, B2, B3, B6, Calcium, Magnesium, Manganese, Zinc.  Helps fight fatigue, central nervous system stimulant, enhances concentration

Green Tea:   Contains more flavonoids per volume than fresh fruits, vegetables juices and wine.  Promotes increased energy, stimulates muscle cells during exercise

Panax Ginsing:  Combats fatigue, increases focus, libido and performance

Fo-Ti Root (Ho Should Wu):  Contains bioflavonoid compounds that support blood vessel health, longevity, rejuvenation, increases libido, youth preserver

Yerba Mate:  High in xanthines, potassium, magnesium and manganese.  Promotes energy, endurance and stamina

Inositol:  Naturally occurring nutrient that converts food into energy, supports a healthy metabolism and increases focus

L-Carnitine:  An amino acid naturally produced in the body.  Increases athletic performance, supports brain/heart function, muscle movement and many other body processes

Quercetin:  A natural plant-derived flavonoid that helps increase athletic performance and fights free radical damage

(These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.)

Is there a supplement that contains all the above ingredients?

There is one, called Ignite, produced by a company called Chews-4-Health International.  The product is an orange/pineapple flavored chewable tablet that comes individually wrapped for convenience and freshness.  The manufacturer is “A” rated by the National Nutritional Foods Association Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP).

To learn more about Ignite or to order the product, click on the link below.
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