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Why Follow My Cycling Blog?

Why not? I know that’s a silly answer, but I gotta start writing somewhere.

There aren’t very many interesting blogs on cycling on the internet, or I can’t find them if there are. I’m following a couple, but one of them is basically is on testing and promoting cycling gear, and the other one doesn’t post very much.

I’d like to find a blog on the EXPERIENCE of cycling. My experiences anyway. I’d like to post about how the ride went, what thoughts and experiences I have while riding.

Stuff like that.

I’ll probably promote stuff too, because I’m an affiliate marketer, and that’s what we do. I’ll explain a little more about that at the end of this post.

There are different areas of cycling experience, as I’m sure you know. There are the casual cyclists, who like to get out and enjoy the fresh air and the weather and get a little exercise, some by themselves and some with their families.

There are people who like to mountain bike, and ride trails in the woods. Here where I live in Fruita, CO, we call them fat tire riders, and we even have a festival for them every year, since we have lots of trails for fat tire riders to get on.

There are road cyclists, which is my area. We like to ride paved paths and roads. I’ve done the mountain bike thing, but at my age (68 now) I’m not up for the challenge. We’re skinny tire riders.

Equipment differs. You can ride a mountain bike on the roads, but it’s a little difficult to ride a road bike on a dirt trail. The skinny tires and light frames of road bikes don’t do well with the soft dirt and the jumps and pounding that mountain bikes are made for.

Neither does my crappy old body.

So, anyway, this is a new blog about my riding, along with some useful tips and products along the way. If you find me and decide to follow the posts, I hope you will enjoy the time spent.

I also hope you will comment. I enjoy hearing from others and I value their insights.

Oh, here’s a picture of my ride.

It’s a 2017 Kestrel Talon full-carbon bike. It’s an awesome bike.

I wrote a review after I had logged 2500 miles. You can link to it here. Then I wrote another review after 5000 miles. Before that I rode a hand-me-down Cannondale R700 aluminum frame bicycle that was also a great bike. It originally belonged to my son-in-law Erik, who gave it to one of my daughters when he got a new bike. It sat in her garage for a while until she gave it to me.

I rode it for a couple of years until I got the Kestrel. It’s now back in her garage because she wanted to start riding it, but it didn’t fit her right so it just hangs on her wall.

Sometimes I want to go get it and bring it back to my house, but I don’t have much room for it. Still….

My cycling blog posts will be on my second website, which I titled “Great Stuff to Know.”

Now A Word About Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a business model where the affiliate (me) enters into an agreement with a seller or provider of products to promote those products on his blog. Or her blog. A link is provided by the seller that the affiliate puts in his posts, and when a visitor clicks on the link he or she is taken to the seller’ sales page.

If the visitor decides to purchase from the seller, the affiliate that referred that visitor to the seller gets paid a commission.

Get enough visitors, and the income from commissions can be substantial.

It’s a great way to have your own online business and earn extra income, and eventually a full income.

The whole key to success is to know what you are doing, and for that you need training. I get my training from a website called Wealthy Affiliate. The great thing about Wealthy Affiliate is that you can start for free. That gives you a chance to decide if affiliate marketing is something you want to get into.

I’d be very happy to have you join me at WA. If you do, I’ll be your mentor in your path to financial success online. The decision is yours.

Note: The FTC requires that affiliates advise site visitors that if they click on a link and end up purchasing a product, the affiliate will be paid a commission. This post has such links.

Thanks for reading my post. I hope you enjoyed it. I’d enjoy hearing from you.

I’m Grant

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