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What happens when you chew?

Sometimes we eat slowly, sometimes we are in a hurry and eat quickly.  What happens in your mouth as you chew your food?  Have you ever really thought about what is going on?

Proper digestion begins in your mouth – with the chewing process.  Thorough chewing allows you to absorb more nutrients from your food which can help you with your overall health, weight, and digestion.

Your food breaks down as you chew it and becomes prepared to enter your body.  Your saliva contains digestive enzymes that begin to break your food down from the bite you put in your mouth to the disgusting looking semi-liquid blob that you showed to your friends in the lunch room before you swallowed.  Hopefully you were just a kid when you did that, adults should be over that behavior.  Anyway, the longer you chew your food the more time these enzymes in your saliva have to break down your food, aiding your digestion.

Chewing pre-digests your food, liquifies it, and makes it easier to swallow and digest.  Proper chewing can help eliminate several digestive issues such as gas, bloating, constipation, and others. So slow down and enjoy your food by chewing thoroughly.  Your digestive system will enjoy it too.
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