Here’s Looking at You – Another Energy Supplement for Athletes

The following information on Guarana Seed is taken with permission from the Chews-4-Health website.  Of course, not just athletes can benefit from it’s properties, EVERYONE CAN!

Guarana Seed – The Natural Stimulant


The Guarana Seed has a round, red base and, when ripe, it pops open with a white interior and a small, round, black center. This appearance gives it a look similar to a human eye, creating more than a few myths over time as to the origin of its unusual look.

While it may have an odd exterior, the benefits on the inside compare to none. Fueled with natural stimulants, the Guarana Seed contains two-and-a-half times the amount of caffeine as coffee does. This caffeine boost makes this seed perfect to help wake-up your body and your mind naturally and, since it boosts your energy, it has been known to boost your metabolism as well. For those focused on weight loss this seed may be just the trick to kick your body into gear and help stimulate the natural process of fat-burning with the extra energy received from the seed.

In addition to the benefits found for your body, the Guarana Seed also does wonders with your mind. This seed has been known to increase mental focus and has even enhanced memory in some cases. The Guarana Seed is perfect to try first thing in the morning to help rejuvenate your mind after eight hours of rest or to help you through that mid-afternoon slump at work. When you’re stuck at your desk and your eyes are drifting the Guarana Seed may be just what you need to wake up your whole body, naturally, with the energy to keep you going and the cure to keep you focused.

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