Improve Energy

As we get older, the natural energy and exuberance we had when we were young seems to go away.

Remember when you were a kid?  You could play all day.  You never got tired.  You could run around at full speed, stop for a couple of minutes when you felt tired, then run around full speed some more.

But not now.  For some reason, as we get older, our energy level seems to drop.  We tire easier.  It takes longer to recover.  Muscles get tired and sore.  Now, if you’re a professional athlete or bodybuilder (which is also an athlete) you know how to keep your energy levels optimized.  The rest of us, though, usually don’t.

I’m a cyclist.  I’m a 65 year-old road cyclist.  I like to ride somewhere between 20-30 miles per day, 5 days a week, weather permitting.  Now that sounds like a lot to most people and I suppose it is, but it shows what us old folks can still do if we want to.  How’s my energy level during these rides?

Usually for the first half of the ride I’m fine.  I normally ride with a buddy and we complement each other and push each other, and that makes the rides more enjoyable.  At the halfway point or somewhere close we stop and take a break.  Maybe for 10 or 15 minutes.  During that time I usually eat something (I’m also diabetic) to give me something for my body to burn on the second half of the ride.  I’ve used a lot of things, from granola bars to energy dummies or chews.  Some help better than others, but I find that if I don’t eat anything, the ride home gets tiring.  I need that extra boost.

One product that I have had a lot of success with is called Ignite.  It’s produced by Chews-4-Health International.  It’s a chewable, caffeine free, healthy tablet that gives me an smooth energy boost without a “crash” later.  And, it’s only 2 calories per tablet.  If you want to learn more about it, click on the link below.  It will direct you to the Chews-4-Health website, and you can read more about it.
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