Is The NRA A Terrorist Organization?

is the NRA a terrorist organization

Does The NRA Promote Terrorism?

Is the guy in the above picture one of the nearly 5 million members of the National Rifle Association in the United States of America? Does the NRA promote domestic terrorism?

The City of San Francisco apparently thinks it does. The whole board of Supervisors unanimously passed a resolution earlier this month declaring the National Rifle Association of America as a domestic terrorist organization.

Yeah, right. I’m glad I don’t live in San Francisco.

In spite of my initial reaction that the members of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors are a bunch of wackos, I decided, in the interest of fairness, to do a little research to see if there was any truth to their claim.

So, here we go.

First, What Is Domestic Terrorism?

According to the Patriot Act, an action can be called domestic terrorism if it meets the following criteria:

  • The action is dangerous to human life
  • The act violates criminal laws of a state or the United States
  • The action appears to or is intended to intimidate or coerce a civilian population or influence policy decisions by intimidation or coercion
  • The acts are intended to affect the conduct of government by mass destruction, assassination, or kidnapping.

Those are the basic requirements for an action by any organization or individual(s) to be classified as an act of terrorism.

Does the NRA meet any of these criteria? I’ll give my opinion in a minute.

What Is The NRA?

There’s a lot of alarm and wild rhetoric from democrat politicians loudly denouncing the NRA, trying to raise alarm among the public about the group. So what is it?

Well, basically it’s a civil rights group, focused on protecting the Second Amendment. The organization’s main goal is to prevent infringement of the rights of Americans to keep and bear arms, and spends a lot of time and money lobbying for or against gun legislation, depending on if that legislation is pro or anti 2nd amendment.

I’ve been a NRA member. I’m not one right now. The reason I dropped my membership was because once I joined, they kept bugging me to give more money to help fight this or that issue, and I got tired of it.

I understand that it takes money to pay lawyers and such to fight for gun rights, but I just got tired of the constant asking for more.

That’s my only beef with the NRA. While I was a member I wasn’t a domestic terrorist. Didn’t blow anything up. Didn’t shoot anybody with my guns.

The NRA has somewhere around 5 million members. That’s a lot of domestic terrorists, if that’s what the NRA is.


Is What The NRA Does Dangerous To Human Life?

They lobby for gun rights. They teach gun safety. They offer self-defense programs for women. They train youth in gun safety and proper respect and handling of firearms.

They support law enforcement and offer training programs for them too.

They don’t sell guns. They’ve had guns as prizes for sweepstakes at times, but you can’t buy your guns from them.

NONE of those programs endangers human life. Just the opposite, they protect life.

Does The NRA Violate State or Federal Criminal Laws?

Obviously not. All their lawyers wouldn’t let them. In fact, they advocate OBEYING the current laws.

Does The NRA Operate by Intimidation or Coercion?

I guess if you’re a liberal snowflake you could feel intimidated by the NRA, or by its 5 million members. But then, if you’re a liberal snowflake you feel intimidated by just about anything you don’t like. The NRA doesn’t operate by coercion, which is defined as getting someone to do something by force or threats.

And, the NRA hasn’t assassinated or kidnapped anybody, as far as I know. It doesn’t encourage its members to do that either.

Bottom line – Nope, THE NRA IS NOT A DOMESTIC TERRORIST ORGANIZATION. Not according to the Patriot Act definition of terrorism.

What Does That Say About the San Francisco Board of Supervisors?

I have four ideas about that.

  1. They are trying to score cheap political points with their base. Liberals outnumber conservatives about a billion to one in San Francisco, and the Supervisors are sucking up to all of them.
  2. They haven’t done their research and don’t know what the NRA really is. I have my doubts about this one. I think that they can go online and read up on the organization just like I did. I discount this reason.
  3. They know what the NRA really is and are lying about it.  They are, as I said before, trying to score political points.
  4. They are a bunch of wackos.

I’ll go for reasons 1 and 4. Maybe I’ll go for all four. They are sucking up to their base, they’re ignorant, willfully I suspect, they lie, and they’re a bunch of wackos.  Just my opinion.

That explains their really strange resolution.

It’s politicians like them that make me want to re-join the NRA.

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