My emeals Review

I have been using emeals for several months now.  This is my review.

Product: emeals meal planning service  

Founders:  Jane Delaney and Jenny Cochran


Price:  $5/month for 12 month subscription, $10/month for 3 months

Options:  Meals for 2 or for the family

Jane and Jenny, who happen to be sisters, were looking for a way to improve their meal planning for their families that would help take some of the load off of their busy lives.  They came up with emeals.  Over time, as they refined their recipies and shopping lists, they realized that other families could benefit from their idea, and they started a business that has developed into the largest online meal planning service on the web.

How does it work?

  1. Choose your recipies
  2. Get your groceries
  3. Cook and enjoy

emeals has been endorced by Dave Ramsey, Personal Money Expert, and has been featured on many television programs and magazine articles.


Meal plans

You can choose from 15 meal plans.  Pick the one you think you will enjoy the most.  You can change anytime, at no extra cost.

Clean Eating – Uses natural ingredients and has simple, tasty recipies.

Quick and Healthy – Also has simple, healthy recipies for meals that can be on the table in 30 minutes or less.

Low Calorie Plan – The meals in this  plan are all under 500 calories per serving.

Low Carb Plan – Sensible recipies with low-glycemic ingredients and plenty of protein.

Paleo Plan – High energy meals that focus on meats, fresh veggies and fruits with no grains or processed foods.

Budget Friendly – Recipies designed to provide max savings on food costs without sacrificing flavor or nutrients.

30-Minute Meals – Shorter recipies, fewer ingredients, quick prep times for busy people.

Slow Cooker – A delicious mix of Clean Eating, Classic, and Paleo recipies for the slow cooker.

Kid Friendly – The plan for those picky young eaters in the family, and the rest of the family too.

Classic – Traditional favorites.

Gluten Free – The recipies in this plan add the necessary substitutions and alternitive ingredients for gluten-free eating.

Vegetarian – Make and enjoy delicious meatless meals.

Heart Healthy – Recipies use fish, lean meats, whole grains, seasonal veggies, low-fat dairy products and heart-healthy oils.  The recipies also have nutritional information for each entree and side dish.

Diabetic – Simple, flavorful meals that help control your carb intake.

Mediterranean – Meal recipies based on the Mediterranean Diet plan.

emeals plans are made to cover the dinner meal, but plans are also available for breakfast and lunch.

My experience with emeals

cooking withe meals is fun and easy

Like I said, I have been using emeals for a few months now.  I first found out about it from my daughter, who is a busy pediatrician.  We were shopping together one day and she told me about emeals.  I was interested, but I’m kind of set in my ways sometimes, so I didn’t check it out for a few months.

When I finally did, I liked that the recipies were pretty easy to use.  I’m currently on the 30-minute plan because I’m the main meal preparer in our home and I’m lazy.  I cook because I’m retired and my wife is still working, and i like to cook.

One of the main reasons I decided to try emeals was that I realized that I was making the same meals over and over again.  I had 5 or 6 recipies that I liked and that’s what we would eat.  I guess I just don’t have much of an imagination.  Emeals gave us some variety.  I’m now using recipies that are new and tasty.

I also like that I am now using ingredients that are also new, or that I hadn’t thought to use before.

I’m also finding that by following the shopping list each week that I print out with the recipies, I’m saving some money and we’re not wasting as much food as before.

There are some recipies that have ingredients that I don’t like, or that my wife doesn’t like, but it’s easy to leave those out or substitute something else.  The recipies are pretty flexible.

Obviously, just because i print out my recipies for the week that doesn’t mean that I have to follow them religiously.  If I want to cook something else, I can.

My food bill is going down, partly because I’m not over-purchasing, or buying too much of an ingredient, and also because I find that I still have some ingredients in stock for the next week so I don’t have to buy them.

My recommendation

emeals review thumbs up

emeals gets my hearty thumbs-up!  It’s a great service.  Every week you can download this week’s recipies, or last week’s recipies.  If you want to change meal plans, just go ahead and do it.  There’s no charge or hassle.  Just click on the plan you want and print out your recipies.

If you’re looking for help in finding good ideas for your dinner meals, emeals is a great choice at a great price.

Please feel free to leave a comment below if you’d like.


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  1. gerry

    Good information, I don’t cook a lot partly because I hardly know any good recipes. And if I cook it’s mostly fried chicken or sausages…not very healthy I would say. I visited Emeal’s website and it is enticing. They have a bunch recipes from low carb to paleo diet and best of all is you can get it for as little 5 bucks!

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