My Taotronics Bluetooth Wireless Headphones Review

Taotronics TT-BH07 Review

This review is for the Taotronics TT-BH07 wireless stereo headphones

Taotronics TT-BH07 Review

Look on the internet and you will find any number of reviews of the Taotronics bluetooth earbuds.  Rather than repeat what everyone else is saying i’m going to give you a review of my personal experience with the device, after using it extensively for almost TWO years so far.

If you want to read about the features, the accessories, (which i will mention briefly), then I recomment that you go to one of the other reviews online. You can choose from several posts, or go to YouTube and watch some video reviews.  You should anyway if you’re doing your research before buying.

In the beginning, about 2 years ago…

I used to use a neckband type bluetooth earbuds.  The controls were on both ends of the neck piece and the earbuds fit in the ends magnetically when not in use.  They worked pretty well and I was happy with them, because the sound was pretty good and I hadn’t had experience with any other kind, except the single ear bluetooth devices for cell phone use exclusively.  Those don’t work if you want to listen to stereo music.

That first pair lasted about a year. Then they quit working, which was a disappointment.  I thought that a year wasn’t very  long.  What happened was that the sound would cut out for a while then suddenly come back on.

I was on my second pair, just like the first pair except they were red instead of black, when I left them on the back seat of my car and they disappeared.  I looked all over for them.  I really did.

No luck.  My wife said I had to stop spending money on bluetooth headphones.  “One more pair,” she said.

So I did my research

Since I looking for my last pair for a while, I wanted to find some good bluetooth earbuds at a decent price, to get the best bang for my buck, so I got online and checked out several different brands, reading specs from the companies and reading reviews.  I finally settlied on the Taotronics earbuds.  The price was great, around $25 as opposed to the $95 for the neckband style I had been using.  The reviews were all positive too.

By the way, don’t go to your Verizon Wireless store to get your bluetooth earbuds, unless you want the prestige that comes with paying too much for them.  That’s what I did the first two times.

Long story short, I bought the Taotronics. How could I not?  The price was low, and the reviews were high.  Minimum risk.

Are they worth the price?

Oh, yeah.  They are worth 2, maybe 3 times the price.  I ride my bicycle 5 days a week, 2 hours a day, and I like to listen to music while I ride.  I have my playlists on my iPhone that I listen to.  The sound quality is AWESOME!

My Music is clear and doesn’t distort at higher volume.  There is no hiss or background noise.  I use the earbuds that were with the unit when I opened it, and they fit well.  There are other sizes included if you need to wear a different size.

Comfort is GREAT too!  You can forget you have them on.  They stay in and don’t fall out like other styles do.

Small point to make here.  If you ride with others, it can be hard to carry on a conversation with both earbuds in.  They aren’t noise cancelling, but with a good fit your music is what you hear, not the outside world.  I just take one out, usually the left one because the right one seems to carry most of the tune, and the left is the other stuff.  I can talk with other riders just fine with one in and one out.

When the conversation stops I just pop it back in.

Battery life is really good.  I usually charge after each ride, but to check out how long they last I purposely wore them without charging.

They died on the third ride.  They didn’t fade out slowly; volume and sound quality were fine until the end.  What happened was that I started to hear a single beep that would repeat after a few minutes, then the beeps got closer and closer together until the unit shut down

The manufacturer recommends that you wear them with the connecting wire between the earbuds on the back of your neck.  I found that with a helmet strapped on, the left side would pull because the wire would work itself to the side with the control panel, which is heavier even though it is tiny.  It got annoying to me.

I solved the problem by wearing the wire in front.  It wasn’t strapped under the helmet straps and was comfortable in both ears.  Maybe you won’t have that problem with yours.

I like the magnetic ends.  They snap together nicely.

Phone calls are a breeze

No pun intended there.  Usually I’m riding into a breeze, either from nature or generating my own, and I wondered at first if the tiny microphone on the control paned would be good enough for people to hear me clearly while riding.

Even with a 20 mph wind blowing across the mike, people on the other end of my call could hear me clearly.  I was IMPRESSED!  In fact, I haven’t had a call yet that I had to stop for so I could be heard more clearly.

Answering an incoming call is a breeze too.  All you have to do is press the middle button once and you’re connected.  After your call is over you can press the button again to disconnect or let the other end of the call disconnect.  Your music stops automatically and resumes automatically too.

Any cons?

Not really.  I do have minor problems with full finger riding gloves.  The buttons are pretty small and finding the middle one takes extra attention.  Also, if I’ve pulled out an earbud to talk with someone, putting it back in with gloves on is harder.  That’s probably a hit on the gloves and not the earbuds.  You don’t have the same feel.

My final verdict

If you’re into the star rating, I give it 5 stars!  Also a thumbs up!

If you are looking for a stereo bluetooth headset with great sound and great phone applications, at a very  reasonable price, you can’t go wrong buying the Taotronics unit. I’ve had mine for 2 years and it’s still going strong.  I plan to get another one soon because I hear they have upgraded to an even better unit.


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