Natural Energy Supplements for Active People

Natural Energy Supplements for Active People

Hi.  My name is Grant.  I’m 65 years old, retired, and an avid cyclist.  By “avid” I mean I ride four to five times a week, usually between 20-30 miles a ride.  I ride a road bicycle.  I like the smooth roads.  Mountain biking is for younger guys than me, and some exceptional guys my age and older.  I’ve done some limited mountain biking, but the results were somewhat painful.  Jumping rocks and such isn’t my thing.  In my autumn years my balance isn’t what it used to be either, so I stay on the roads.  My current ride is a Kestrel Talon, full carbon bike.  I’ve added a picture of it below.

I don’t mean to leave out the girls; they can ride as well as us men, and sometimes better.  Anyway, I’ve learned that if I take a natural energy supplement either before I start or when I take a mid-ride break, my ride is more enjoyable and I don’t get as tired.

I’ve never been a pro cyclist, or even semi-pro (if there is such a thing in cycling).  I ride more now than I did in my younger days.  That’s partly because I’ve had two knee replacements and can’t jog anymore, partly because I’m retired and have more time to ride, and partly because I just enjoy riding.

A long ride can tire you out, just like a long run or a long session on the tennis or basketball court. Sometimes taking something to boost your energy when enjoying a long workout improves the workout.  I’ve tried several products, from granola bars to the energy gummies that are so popular, and I’ve had varied results.  Some supplements boost energy, some replace electrolytes, and some do both.  Many give a caffeine jolt to boost energy. There are drinks that work, like Gatorade, but they are heavy and bulky, Granola bars can get soft and melty in the heat of the day.  It depends on the bar.  Experiment and choose what you like.  It doesn’t make sense to me to take something you don’t like just to boost your energy.  I’ve settles on Clif bars lately.

My rides have gotten pretty long.  I usually ride at least 30 miles per ride, and I try to ride every weekday that I can, with Saturday and Sunday off for rest.

BTW, here’s a hint to stave off leg cramps on those longer rides.  Dill pickles.  It really works to eat a dill pickle during one of your breaks.  It will really help to keep you from cramping up.

The one supplement that I like the best is a chewable that’s all natural and comes individually wrapped for convenience.  I can carry one with me anywhere.  It contains no chemical preservatives, no artificial sweeteners, no caffeine, and no artificial flavors or coloring.  It’s doctor formulated, citrus flavored, and contains power-packed botanicals,herbs, and vitamins for a healthy surge of energy that takes effect within minutes.  It’s also less than 2 calories per serving.  This supplement is called Ignite and is produced by Chews-4-Health International.

 I’ve used Ignite for a couple of years now, and I’ve noticed that there’s no “crash,” like you can experience with other energy boosters. No letdown.  I’ve noticed a steady feeling of energy even after my ride, a feeling that lasts for several hours. If you want to learn more about Ignite, click on one of the highlighted Ignite links in this post.  You’ll be directed to the Chews-e-Health website.  Once there, click on the Products tab to view the product and it’s description.  It’s worth a look.

I’ve written a review of Chews-4-Health International and it’s products.  You can find that review here.

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